Fashion KODE 2019 F/W 3.14-16, 2019 at S-FACTORY
2019 F/W
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Nanida Jenahara
Brand Concept
Established in 2011 by designer Nanida Jenahara Nasution, JENAHARA is one of the first modest fashion brand in Indonesia with a cult following. The brand highlights its signature clean cut and distinctive details in its collections. Taking inspirations from arts and world issues, and incorporating contradictive elements in its design concept, JENAHARA always offers elements of surprise in each of its collections. At the end of 2016, JENAHARA launched an exclusive printed scarves collection that drew inspiration from the diversity of female characters. The collection featured three female characters of JENAHARA - Chloe, Kira, and Lennox. These characters were positioned as the representations of the brand's current and potential customers and aimed to build emotional connections between them and the brand. A year later, the label extended these characters into apparel collections. A story around women empowerment was developed around these characters with an objective: to provoke the customers in a way that they would feel empowered and hence spread the positivity to empower other women. The message "empowered women empower women" hence became the mantra that have been conveyed by JENAHARA through its products.